Information Technology Degree

Bachelor of Science

Why An information technology Major?

Jobs in Information Technology are growing way faster than the national average, which means that people who study this field can expect a lot of excellent options to choose from when they graduate with an Information Technology bachelor’s degree.

What’s more, the median annual salary in IT is $97,430, that’s almost double what the average job pays. Employers are desperate for qualified candidates, and they’re willing to pay handsomely for people with a bachelor’s degree in information technology to join them.

A degree in information technology gives you the skills to work in nearly any industry based in the use and maintenance of software and programs.

One Degree That Opens All These Doors

  • $66,000

    Network Administrator

  • $71,000

    Computer Systems Analyst

  • $81,000

    Information Security Analyst

  • $86,000

    Software Developer

  • $92,000

    Information Technology Manager

Coker Bachelor’s in Information Technology Course Specifics

  • Prepared for two CompTIA certification exams
    A+ certification
    Network Certification

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